Meet the handlers

Offering a variety of services to meet different dogs' needs, our staff prides themselves on teaching only the most positive, results oriented, balanced modification techniques. The goal for our services is to expose your dog to real life situations and help them work through it. With our convenient pick up and drop off services, its important you are comfortable with whom will be in and out of your house as well as caring for your pets. We take pride in having the most experienced, caring staff. We are Bonded, Insured and American Red Cross Canine First Aid Certified for your comfort. Learn more about us below. Follow Doggone Fit LLC on Instagram at @DoggoneFitllc. Each handler has their own Insta as well so be sure to check out their handles below to follow their fun!!


Erin freeland

Erin has been walking and training dogs with us since 2012. She has a passion for the outdoors and loves hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Erin also has a great sense of humor and enjoys the nerdy things in life, like Star Trek, cartoons, and legos. She has an equine background and has worked around horses most of her life. She found that her skills handling and training horses easily translated to the canine world and quickly became an expert dog walker. She now hikes large packs of off leash dogs and trains them to have reliable recall using remote collars. Erin also has a bachelors degree in fine arts from Mass College of Art & Design. She can paint a custom portrait of your dog! Check out Erin's pack on Instagram @erintookyourdog as well as her art page @erin_paints.



Richie Marin

Richie got his start walking and training dogs in Boston in 2012. We were fortunate enough to have him join our team here in Worcester in 2017. Richie enjoys staying up to date on new canine training techniques and attends seminars often. Richie also has a bachelors degree in fine arts and sculpture from Mass College of Art & Design. When not out hiking with his 6 year old Dachshund/Jack Russell rescue Mickey, you can find him painting in his studio. Check out Richie's pack on Instagram @richies_rrruff_life as well as his art page @artist_richie_m .  


Matt cabral

From Northboro, MA, Matt is a true animal and nature-lover. He has always been passionate about dogs and the environment, and has been fortunate enough to gain experience working in both fields. While in college in Boston, Matt interned at the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. He also got his start walking dogs in Boston, and has continued to develop his training skills working with Doggone Fit. Matt really enjoys seeing progress with the dogs he trains, and is happy to be outside hiking every day. He is also the proud owner of a 1 and a half year old Australian Shepherd named Rory. When he's not out hiking with his pack, Matt spends his time writing, going to concerts, and volunteering with environmental organizations. Follow Matt and his pack on Instagram at @d0gparty.


Katrina jarvis

From Marlboro, MA, Katrina has been working with dogs in all aspects for 10 years. While attending college at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, Katrina worked with Dogs providing skilled grooming and pet sitting services throughout her studies. Katrina obtained her Bachelor of Art's degree with studying multi media Advertising and Public Relations in 2014. Still having a passion for dogs and wanting to help more, she began offering her grooming and pet sitting services to friends and family full time. Whether reading books about dogs, different breeds, grooming, or training, Katrina is always studying to improve her handling techniques. Follow Katrina and her pack on Instagram at @kats_d0gs


Alexa esteves

Alexa plays a large role in keeping our facility up and running. When not out providing Adventure Trips, Alexa is at our Facility ensuring pups are clean, comfortable and well loved. She directly assists our Head Trainer Richie and is very enthusiastic about Training. Alexa is passionate about learning as much as can. In her spare time, Alexa enjoys hiking, being in the outdoors, and taking every opportunity to learn more about dogs. Follow Alexa, her pack, and some facility fun on Instagram at @alexasfurrypaws


rebekah weiner



Heidi frank

Owner and handler, Heidi's lifelong love for animals has laid a solid foundation for Doggone Fit™ llc to provide quality professional Canine Services. Heidi also has her associates degree in Canine Science from Mount Ida College. She knew from the start of her career that she was destined to work with dogs. With 25 years in the industry, she still is passionate about her career and studies. When not working behind the scenes at Doggone Fit llc, she can be found enjoying her time with her daughter Violet.