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If you're new to us, then welcome, you have come to the right place for exceptional care for your canine. If you're a returning visitor, welcome back! ... and please continue to follow us on social media for fun featured pictures, videos, informative articles, up-to-date training tips and reviews on animal care.

Our team is here to help with all aspects of your pup. From puppy-hood to adult maintenance, we will be there to help. Our team consists of only the most caring, professional staff each with extensive training, behavior, and nutrition backgrounds.

Our top-notch service is the difference!

With 25 years of experience, our team takes pride in providing consistency and excellence in exceeding our clients expectations. Our services are geared towards helping you create and keep a well balanced canine. Our number one priority is to balance the mind, body and spirit by combining training, exercise, structure and fun. With Doggone Fit™ llc...you CAN take your dog anywhere.



take your dog anywhere

We at Doggone Fit™ llc have a balanced approach to training. We know that both people and pets each learn, react, and behave differently given their individual needs, lifestyles and temperaments. Understanding this, as well as the concept that training must be incorporated into our everyday lifestyle for complete success, we treat situations as a whole. With constantly evolving training techniques, we learn which is best suited for both you and your pets.



take your dog anywhere

Founded in 1993, Doggone Fitllc, was established to bridge the gap between people's busy schedules and their pets' needs. For the busy pet owner, we provide solutions for pets' exercise and mid-day routines. Throughout this time we have learned what social animals dogs really are, how they greatly benefit from each other and what we could do to fulfill this need. Therefore, Doggone Fit™ llc, dogs are encouraged to socialize, for they become calmer, well rounded, more fulfilled Canines. Offering a variety of socialization services, our goal is to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit through exercise, structure and fun.




take your dog anywhere

Training, swimming, hiking, learning, growing, socializing.....Experiencing all the world has to offer, we pick up and venture off to some of Massachusetts dog friendly wilderness, hiking trails and conservation areas. Chewing, barking, and digging are all signs of stress and boredom. Dogs displaying these behaviors (as well as your super intelligent hunting/working breeds) need significantly more exercise and structure to exert tension and calm the mind. With Doggone Fit™ llc, you can take your dog anywhere.




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